Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has issued a new policy statement that calls for full inclusion of pedestrians and bicyclists in transportation projects, with particular attention paid to transit riders and people of all ages and abilities – essentially, a Complete Streets policy. “This is the end of favoring motorized transportation at the expense of non-motorized,” he said in his blog yesterday.

Secretary LaHood made a big splash at last week’s National Bike Summit, but his enthusiastic tabletop speech is no match for yesterday’s new policy statement in scope and potential effect, as transportation agencies across the country begin to follow the USDOT’s lead and adopt Complete Streets policies.

The statement details what agencies large and small can and should do to integrate non-motorized modes into future projects:

  • Consider walking and bicycling as equals with other transportation modes;
  • Ensure convenient choices for people of all ages and abilities;
  • Go beyond minimum design standards;
  • Integrate bicycle and pedestrian accommodation on new, rehabilitated, and limited-access bridges;
  • Collect data on walking and biking trips;
  • Set a mode share target for walking and bicycling and track them over time;
  • Maintain sidewalks and shared-use paths the same way roadways are maintained, especially during snowy weather; and
  • Improve non-motorized facilities during maintenance projects.

To read full article written by Barbara McCann on March 16, 2010, visit


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