Philadelphia is revamping its zoning code for the first time in 40 years. I have been working for the past year or so to try to get aging in the community features incorporated into the code. The Zoning Code Commissioners have now made certain suggestions for the new code and they are asking for community feedback. Four sections of the survey in particular will help seniors (and really people of all ages). Please fill out this survey by the end of this week. Below are four sections from the survey that will impact our consumers. Also – come to a public meeting (schedule below) if you can.

1. DAY CARE: The new code will define that daycare includes services for children and adults. The inclusion of adults in the definition for daycare is intended to enable older adults to age in place.

2. ACCESSORY DWELLING USES: An accessory dwelling is an additional residence that is constructed within a residential property. These dwellings, often called “In-Law Apartments”, are used for a variety of purposes. They provide senior citizens the opportunity to live in the same building as family members, they provide housing options to a variety of income levels and lifestyle needs, and they allow additional housing units to be created while preserving the character of existing neighborhoods.

3. URBAN AGRICULTURE: The new code will create a new use category for Urban Agriculture with subcategories for community gardens, market farms, community supported agriculture (CSA) and animal husbandry.

4. Transit-Oriented Development (TOD): promoting development around public transportation – which will really assist people of all ages with mobility.


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