“One of life’s most difficult transitions may be for an older adult moving to a long-term care facility. For aging professionals, we can attempt to understand this experience by comparing this transition to other life transitions. However, there is a lot to learn from older adults transitioning to new communities later in life, especially from the perspective of older adults themselves.” – Jaime Robinson (Chicago Bridge)

The transition to a retirement community, like an assisted living facility or possibly a nursing home, is a challenge that so many families and individuals face. Families may come to the difficult decision that a move is the best option for many reasons. Coming to that decision can be one of the most difficult pieces. In this article about Adelle, an older adult during a health crisis and life transition, the decision to move to a long-term care facility was dependent on a doctor. Another difficult piece to this very complex puzzle is considering what it is like to transition and actually living in a new community- a new residence, with new neighbors, and new surroundings.

Put yourself in these old shoes!

Let’s say you are 88 and you have lived in your farm house for 50 years. For the past 15 years you have lived there alone, after your spouse passed away. Now, you are moving to an assisted living facility. You will have three rooms: a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. You know no one in the facility you are moving to. Part of the decision to move was based on your childrens’ concern that you may reach a point when you need extra care. You wonder if it is possible to stay at home with extra help: outside resources, like home health care. Although you can take good care of yourself, you do see the benefit of having some meals cooked for you and other activities available at your finger tips. Also, you want to make your children happy.

To read the full article by Jaimie Robinson of Chicago Bridge, click here.


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