Sarge and owner Kim Wolf accept award from Philadelphia's Mayor Michael NutterCongratulations to Kim & Sarge!!

In 2008 Kim Wolf and Thad Stringer rescued a former bait dog used by one of the many dog fighting rings that can be found in Philadelphia. His name is Sarge and his is a remarkable story of love, kindness and the canine’s uncanny ability to forgive not just his tormentors but the entire human race.

Sarge is considered geriatric in dog years as he is closing in on 16! Having been rescued from a dog fighting ring by PSPCA, he came to his new home with Kim and Thad, who recognized his gentle nature. They had him certified as a therapy dog and take him to numerous volunteer gigs throughout Philadelphia including nursing homes, school libraries and a humane education class provided to fifth graders by Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia (CNKP) at John Wister Elementary School.

Saturday, May 22 Sarge received an Achievement Award from Animal Farm Foundation and CNKP, bestowed by Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter at the “With Love – Super Adoption Day at the Piazza at Schmidt’s” event. The award was given to Sarge in recognition of the important work he performs for Philly residents in educating them about pit bulls and responsible pet ownership.

Sarge has his own blog called Elderbulls. As so often comes with age, wisdom can result. Here is Sarge’s take on his fame and abilities:

“I became a therapy dog and a humane educator partly to counteract the negative images of pit bulls in the media. Through my actions and my accomplishments, I’m showing the world that every dog (just like every older adult) should be treated as an individual and not judged by myths and misinformation.”

The Super Adoption Day event was a great success with many rescue groups bringing dogs and cats available for adoption. Many Philadelphians brought their own canines for an outing, and lots of fun was had by all. Enjoy the slideshow …

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