Read below to find out what GenPhilly’s founder, Kate Clark, has to say about Philadelphia Zoning & Elderly.

What could aging possibly have to do with zoning? According to Kate Clark, a planner with the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA), the needs of older city residents were never addressed in the city’s zoning code.

“There wasn’t any mention of ‘senior,’ ‘elder,’ ‘older person.’ There was no mention” in the code whatsoever, Clark said.

That might be a problem. According to PCA’s director of research and evaluation, [Allen] Glicksman, Philadelphia’s population is aging. One of the city’s most rapidly growing demographic groups is adults over the age of 85.

“Philadelphia will have a disproportionately large population of older people for some time,” Glicksman said. “Housing the elderly is housing a good chunk of the population. They’re not just frail. They want to be active parts of the community. It benefits the older person, but it can also benefit the neighborhood. Part of that is contingent on them being able to live safely in the homes they currently reside in.” continue reading>>

Source: Nick Gilewicz (PlanPhilly)


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