Did you know that 1 in 10 seniors skip a meal because of finances?

Vote now for PA, DE & NJ to receive more than $1 million from Walmart Foundation in grants to fight food insecurity from the Walmart Foundation. The next five most supported communities will each receive $100,000. Here is the link and information below.


From Walmart:
Across the country, millions of Americans lack access to an adequate supply of nutritious food. Together, we can do something about it. Walmart has made a commitment to donate $2 billion by 2015 to the fight against hunger in America. This holiday, we’re asking you to decide where $1.5 million should go. Here is how it works!!!!

  • 100 communities
    The Food Research and Action Center has identified the food hardship rate for 100 largest communities in America*. To get involved, all you need to do is browse the selected communities and find the one that you think needs the money the most.
  • Add your support with Facebook
    Log in to Facebook and “Like” that community. Your like will count as a vote for that community. The community with the most votes will receive $1 million. The next five most supported communities will each receive $100,000.
  • Spread the word
    Once you’ve Liked a community, there’s still more you can do. Share it with your friends. Get their support. You’ll not only be helping out that town, you’ll be raising awareness of the hunger problem in America.

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