rainbowThe National Association of Area Agencies on Aging has announced the release of Ready to Serve? The Aging Network and LGB and T Older Adults, a national report that provides a snapshot of the National Aging Network’s readiness to meet the specific needs of the growing numbers of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender older adults in this country.

The report, the first of its kind in terms of scope, presents findings from a nationwide survey of AAAs on their current work with LGBT older adults. It provides a more detailed picture of aging providers’ experiences and capacities to serve LGBT elders.

The study captured responses from 320 agencies nationwide, based in 45 states and every region of the country.  Some of the report’s key findings include:

  • More than a third of agencies had offered or funded some type of LGBT aging training to staff, and four out of five agencies were willing to offer training in the future.
  • Very few agencies offered LGBT-specific programs or outreach, and less than half of the agencies reported they would be able to offer or fund LGBT-specific services.
  • While a majority of agencies believed LGBT older adults would be welcomed by local aging service providers, only 31 percent of agencies had received a recent request to help a lesbian, gay or bisexual person, and only 19 percent had received a request to help a transgender person.
  • Agencies that had provided staff training were more likely to offer targeted services and outreach to LGBT older adults, and were two to three times more likely to have received a request for help from an LGBT older adult.

To download the report, visit here.

Source: Multibriefs.com/n4a

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