Neighbors, friends and relatives are urged to look in on elderly people, who may be especially vulnerable to the heat.

The elderly, individuals with chronic medical conditions, those on medication, and persons who live alone and receive few visitors are encouraged to call PCA’s HEATLINE for advice on coping with the heat.

As a result of the National Weather Service’s declaration of an “Excessive Heat Warning,” PCA has activated its Heatline (215-765-9040) through midnight tonight. Trained Heatline staff will counsel callers of all ages about taking precautions to stay safe in the heat and to prevent heat stress. City Health Department nurses will be onsite to speak with callers about medical problems related to the heat and to dispatch a mobile relief team, if needed.

PCA’s Heatline is a non-emergency telephone service; IT IS NOT A FAN OR AIR CONDITIONER DISTRIBUTION SITE. Heatline staff can provide information about recommended air-conditioned locati! ons and year-round senior services.

For tips on dealing with the heat, CLICK HERE>>

Source: PCA News Bulletin

Comments on: "A Day in the Sun Isn’t the Same for Everyone" (1)

  1. Having lived near Las Vegas I have heard story after story of elderly men and women who were on a strict budget that had died in their homes due to the heat.Unfortunately their finances were so that they could not afford to turn on the air conditioner.With temps reaching over 120 degrees in some places,you can imagine how easy it would be to fall victim to heatstroke.Thank you for posting this and bringing this serious topic to light..

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