Vote for The Best Day of My Life (So Far) to win the People’s Choice Award. The storytelling and writing project, based at the Philadelphia Senior Center, is a national semi-finalist in the 2011 Beautiful Minds contest, presented by the National Center for Creative Aging & Martek Biosciences. read more>>

Comments on: "The Best Day of My Life (So Far) Needs Your Vote!" (1)

  1. Life’s a tough place and we elders have seen enough of it usually to know how to keep going while holding a positive perspective. Those who are in ill-health, starving, or otherwise on the downhill slide would probably welcome helpful efforts, but so would people in the same circumstances who are younger. In fact, this transition going on in the US, jobs going away to the third world, education declining, no hope for careers beyond flipping hamburgers and selling insurance back and forth to one another probably could be justified as a better focus for your energies than the general population of elderly simply because they’re old.

    We oldsters aren’t actually pathetic. A lot of us feel a lot of gratitude and satisfaction for the lives we’ve lived and are living now. Even it our potentials include living under a bridge somewhere.

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