2009 Past Events

GenPhilly has organized or participated in a variety of events since its inception. Below you can read about and view pictures from past GenPhilly events.

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Dec 2009 Past Event
Holiday Happy Hour & Charity Drive, Dec 2009GenPhilly organized a happy hour food drive to benefit the West Oak Lane NORC.  
Oct 2009 Past Event
Rockstars are Ageless, Oct 2009A screening of the documentary Young @ Heart followed by a discussion on the importance of engaging older adults in intergenerational arts programming.  more>>
Oct 2009 Past Event
Fishtown’s Breakfast at Sulimay’s Comes to Center City, Sep 2009Live recording of a show that documents three Fishtown seniors reviewing today’s music. more>>
Aug 2009 Past Event
Looking at Neighborhoods through an Intergenerational Lens, Aug 2009Unique perspective on the relationship between older adults, their homes, and their communities. more>>
Jun 2009 Past Event
Social Capital: What it is and why it matters for creating an Age-friendly Philadelphia, Jun 2009Discussed about the impact of social capital on the lives of older persons and the community at large. more>>
May 2009 Past Event
Seniors Celebrate the Arts, May 2009GenPhilly mingled with artists, learned the stories behind their work and life, and shared their interests in creative expression at PCA’s annual event. more>>
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