Apr 2012 – Event

Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
UPENN, 3730 Walnut Street
Huntsman Hall, Room F95
Did you know that Philadelphia has the highest proportion of people over 60 out of the ten largest cities in the United States? Given that number, isn’t it surprising that more organizations and businesses are not addressing the needs and talents of our aging population?  


From community development, to the arts, housing, city planning, and more, each profession has the opportunity to touch the lives of older people and help our city become a lifelong community.

At this event, GenPhilly members advised attendees about organizations that incorporate seniors into their programs, policy, and planning. 

All attendees were encouraged to bring information to share at our resource tables, including promotional materials and employment information. We want to know more about your organization and your community!
KEYNOTE – Donna S. Wang
Master of Social Work, Ph.D. in Social Work, Assistant Professor, Chair of the Social Work Department, School of Social Work, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY
   With strong roots in Philadelphia, Dr. Wang currently resides in the concrete jungle of New York City as an academician and researcher in the field of aging. Based on her experiences in the Philadelphia area, both as a researcher and as a social worker providing direct care for older adults in the community, she will discuss different perspectives on healthy aging, and what we can do to promote well-being and quality of life for the aging population. Ms. Wang will also talk about some of her most innovative research projects, which include evaluating the benefits of interventions such as gardening and yoga for seniors.

– Erik S. Johanson, Master in Public Administration, Strategy & Sustainability Planner, SEPTA Finance & Planning

– Katie Young, Master in Gerontology, Program Coordinator, Temple Time Out Respite Program

– Lydia Collins, Master of Library and Information Science, Consumer Health Coordinator, National Network of Libraries of Medicine, Middle Atlantic Region

– Stephanie Randazzo, Master of Social Service and Master of Law and Social Policy, Social Services Director, Broomall Presbyterian Village

– Deaglan Daugherty, Program Manager, Philadelphia FIGHT (KEYSPOTS), formerly with Older Adults Technology Services

Support Provided By
UPENN        UPENN Career Services     Philadelphia Corporation for Aging

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