Sep 2009 – Event

Fishtown’s Breakfast at Sulimay’s
Comes to Center City
September 2009

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“The generation gap has never seemed so big – yet so small – as  it does in Breakfast at Sulimay’s”

Generation Appreciation Philadelphia (GenPhilly) presented a live performance and recording of Breakfast at Sulimay’s, a show that documents three Fishtown seniors reviewing some of today’s most cutting-edge music. Taking YouTube by storm, creator Mark Brodzik and his brutally honest reviewers bring a fresh perspective to the music community and listeners of all ages. The show has been featured on National Public Radio, in The New Yorker, the Inquirer, Philadelphia Weekly, Pitchfork, and Vibe Magazine. The event includes a post-performance discussion with Brodzik and the breakfast gang.

Watch an episode of this recording and others on YouTube, click here.

The Cast: “Bill Abel, 75, a hip-hop hating bar owner who approaches most of the music with a heavy emphasis on “I don’t get it, and I don’t care to”; Ann Bailey, 66, an irascible, spunky woman who doesn’t mind working blue and is told frequently by commenters she “talks too much” on YouTube and “the blogs,” which she uses as a dismissive catchall and says with a tinge of disgust when describing all websites; and Joe Walker, 84, a former Shakespearean actor and Breakfast at Sulimay’s’ breakout star, with a mucus-lined, gravelly voice and a memory like an elephant who’s just eaten a wily patch of ginkgo biloba.”
 – Philadelphia Weekly

The Creator: Mark Brodzik is the recipient of a Pew Fellowship in the Arts for media arts, founder of the Internet television network, and works at Woodshop Films in Northern Liberties. He created Breakfast at Sulimay’s in 2007 when he met the cast at the diner in Fishtown.


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