Sep 2010 – Event

Women & Aging: Image RevolutionThursday, September 16, 2010
University of the Arts, CBS Auditorium, 320 S. Broad Street

5:30pm Refreshments, resource tables, artwork by UArts students and faculty
Panel Discussion

Lynn Dell photographed by Ari Seth Cohen (Advanced Style)

Photo credit: Lynn Dell, Ari Seth Cohen, photographer (

Photos: click here (via Facebook)

GenPhilly explored the often contradictory images about women & aging that are presented to us through the media, popular culture, and film.

In contrast to traditional social images of “the little old lady”, women today are creating new perceptions about what it means to grow older. Many contemporary women continue to juggle work, family responsibilities, a social life, and social activism as they age, and are appearing more frequently in the public eye as sexy, strong and independent figures.


Collage of Older WomenPhoto credits (l to r): Ari Seth Cohen (, MS clipart, Ebaum

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Comments on: "Sep 2010 – Event" (2)

  1. Women & Aging: Image(R)evolution event makes the press! Check out this article written in Milestones e-News:

  2. Women are definitely aging differently than 10…15…30 years ago. Check out the AARP The Magazine article, “What Women Want: Kristen Bell, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Betty White on sex, love, and …. staying hot “

    “[Betty] White: The less you worry about it, the less you think about it. There was a period when you were considered over the hill if you were older than 14.”

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