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Sixty-nine year old deejay DJ Mamy Rock mixes it up in New York

69 year old DeeJay - DJ Mamy Rock
Sixty-nine-year-old English deejay Ruth Flowers aka DJ Mamy Rock from Bristol, England performs in her first New York appearance at the Carter Burden Center for the Aging’s 31st Annual Dinner Dance and Awards Ceremony in New York November 29. Flowers, a grandmother, is taking the European dance club circuit

From Flowers’ website: “Everything began the night, when my grandson, whom I’m very close to, celebrated his birthday at a disco in London. He invited me to join him and his friends. When I arrived the doormen wouldn’t allow me inside. Its true, I didn’t look like their usual customer (laughs)… I did get in eventually… only to be dumbfounded…there was such an electric atmosphere! It was so different from the dances & the bands I used to go to when I was younger. There was a real osmosis between the music and the lights, it energized me!…made me feel so much younger!”

Source: MSN PhotoBlog

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