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Do you live near your parents?

Children of Aging Parents Are Often Nearby, Study Finds
Who moves?

For decades, demographers and gerontologists have investigated the senior migration. Researchers talked about “amenity moves” when healthy retirees head for places with gentler climates and lower costs of living, and “assistance moves” when those same people return, less healthy and more needy, to live near family. They published articles about the so-called J-shaped curve.

“It wasn’t until later that people began to ask, ‘What about the kids?’” said Michal Engelman, a University of Chicago gerontologist and an author of a new study that helps answer that question. “We had a hunch there was more to this story.”

Isn’t there always? Much of what we think we know about who lives where as people age — a key factor in this country, which plunks elder care responsibility so squarely on family shoulders — is simplistic or plain wrong. more>>

Source: Paula Span/The New Old Age

Intergenerational Activities for the Elderly & Children

Children and the elderly have much to offer each other. The U.S. government reports that interaction with older adults improves a child’s communication skills, self-esteem and problem-solving abilities. For the elderly, interaction with children enhances socialization, increases emotional support and improves health. Continue reading for a list of activities>>

Source: Intergenerational Activities

An Intergenerational Day Care Center at OSU?

In keeping with the University’s mission to be recognized for the quality and impact of its research, teaching, and service, a discussion about a potential Intergenerational Day Care Center in conjunction with the University has been taking shape recently.

Research, education and training would be the foundation of the program, fostering a high quality of care and improved quality of life for the children and adults served.  continue reading>>

Source: The Ohio State University Office of Geriatrics & Gerontology

Temple University mobilizes adults over 50 to help fight childhood obesity

Grandparent and childrenA group of pre-schoolers, their parents and teachers descended on the Smith Playground in Fairmount Park recently for a day of fun and learning hosted by some older members of their community. The children got healthy snacks, got moving and got to play to their hearts content.

The event was part of a new program at Temple’s Intergenerational Center called Five & Fit, which places adults age 50 and over in volunteer roles in an effort to change behaviors of parents, family members and caregivers that relate to the prevention of childhood obesity. continue reading>>

Source: Temple University

Poverty across generations

Across Europe, whole families – children, parents and grandparents – find it hard to escape poverty, as it seems it is passed on from one generation to another.

People born into poverty are more likely than others to be poor when they get older because their life chances were undermined at an early age. In turn, there is a strong chance that their children and grandchildren will also be poor. continue reading>>

Source: The Malta Independent

‘Grandma’ Pushes Students To Do More

Amelia Donaldson sat tucked away in a corner of a kindergarten class on a recent day … Donaldson said she was retired, sitting around and doing nothing when she stopped feeling sorry for herself and decided to share her energy with others…

For the past seven years, from Monday through Friday, Donaldson has helped students with their ABCs and more. She’s part of the Foster Grandparent Program for the Eastern Nebraska Office of Aging. continue reading>>

Source: KETV

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