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AARP Sues HUD Over Effects of Reverse Mortgages on the Elderly

Reverse mortgages, which pay older homeowners a regular sum against the equity in their house, are supposed to shield borrowers from economic upheaval. But the popular loans have become tangled up in the real estate collapse.

AARP, the seniors’ organization, filed suit Tuesday against the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which regulates reverse mortgages. The suit asserts that policy changes by HUD are pushing older homeowners into foreclosure.

The case was filed in Federal District Court for the District of Columbia by the AARP Foundation, the organization’s charitable arm, and the law firm of Mehri & Skalet on behalf of the surviving spouses of three homeowners who had bought reverse mortgages. All three are facing eviction, the suit says. continue reading>>

Source: New York Times

Pet Loss Support … especially for older adults

When we think of pet loss, we typically think about losing our companion animals due to their death — either through some accident, illness or disease.  Indeed, such a loss as experienced by an elderly person or senior can be painful and difficult to deal with, particularly if the pet served as the senior’s primary companion and contact …

If we overlook or fail to acknowledge the unique grieving that accompanies these types of losses, then we fail at being sensitive to our senior’s needs and challenges. continue reading>>

Source: Pet Loss and the Elderly

Playtime helps bind generations

A new study has confirmed an old adage: A family that plays together stays together. Researchers from Concordia University and Wilfrid Laurier University examined the ways grandparents can maintain close ties with their adult grandchildren. True to the old maxim, recreation emerged as the glue sealing intergenerational bonds. continue reading>>

Source: Science Blog

Local Gardeners Team Up To Create More Green Space In Philadelphia

It may be winter, but there are groups already hard at work helping to connect local seniors with community gardens.

Starting more neighborhood gardens and getting older Philadelphians involved; that’s one of the projects of Gen Philly, a network linking young professionals with older Philadelphians.

The group sponsored a City Hall workshop last week, where organizations talked about how to get more gardens going. Tara Schwartzendruber-Landis of the Nationalities Senior program says gardening helps the body and soul. continue reading>>

Source: CBS Philly

Elderly immigrants share the language of the garden

Senior tending a GardenThis article came out of last week’s GenPhilly event – Germinating Partnerships event.  The reporter attended the event.  Special thanks to Marcia Siegal, PCA Public Relations Manager, the event planning team and to Tara & Raechel for great press!!

In just a few weeks, dozens of hardy lettuce, kale, and spinach seedlings will go into the still-chilled ground at Our Lady of Hope Church in Logan, marking the start of a remarkable garden’s second season.

It is remarkable not so much for the crops grown, though some are unusual. It’s more the growers, themselves a hardy bunch.

They’re 65 to 85 years old, survivors of repression, poverty, war, and displacement in their home countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, and China. As different as their languages and narratives may be, however, they have one important thing in common … continue reading>>

Source: (Virginia A. Smith, Inquirer Staff Writer)

iPad used to check mobility in seniors

Mobility is closely linked to overall health and quality of life, but healthcare professionals have not had an easy and effective way to assess it.

That’s why professors Tony Marsh and Jack Rejeski with the help of colleagues in the computer science department (Yue-Ling Wong) and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Eddie Ip), developed the Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT).

MAT, which was created for the iPad and PC, assesses mobility in older adults using video animation rather than written questions. The whole process takes about four minutes to complete. The score provides information that helps older adults better understand their current mobility and can provide a yardstick to monitor changes in how well they get around.  continue reading >>

Source: HealthcareITNews

Considerations in building cities for seniors

Joanne Spearing, an 80-year-old resident of Welland, Ont., slowly disembarks from a city bus. Urban planners say more attention needs to be paid to the special demands of an aging population. | Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

Joanne Spearing, an 80-year-old resident of Welland, Ont., slowly disembarks from a city bus. Urban planners say more attention needs to be paid to the special demands of an aging population. | Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail

Is 30 seconds enough time to cross the street? Not if you’re over the age of 65.

“Pedestrian crossings are made for Olympic runners,” one elderly Canadian responded in a survey conducted by the World Health Organization.

continue reading>>

Photo Credit: Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail
Source: The Globe and Mail

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