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City of Philadelphia and Code for America Launch Textizen

What if City Hall could open its ears to many more people? Textizen asks questions on posters in public places, then collects citizen feedback via text message. Anyone with a minute and an opinion can reply.


Last Friday, the City of Philadelphia and Code for America began a pilot of Textizen, a new system for gathering community feedback to shape the city’s ongoing Comprehensive Plan, Philadelphia2035.

For four weeks this summer, residents and commuters in Philadelphia’s Center City and Lower Northeast will encounter posters that have been posted throughout the neighborhoods–bus and transit shelters, recreation centers, and other public places–that pose questions about the city’s transportation, recreation, and quality of life. Passersby respond to the questions via text message to a phone number displayed on each poster.

Staff from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission will access the feedback through a web application and use it to help shape recommendations in the Philadelphia2035 District Plans.

“We’re excited to pilot and prototype another civic engagement tool with Code for America,” said Mayor Michael A. Nutter. “Philadelphia is a two-time Code for America city and we have been experimenting with different tools to facilitate participatory and interactive connections between the public and government, including Change by Us Philly, Neighborhow, and now Textizen. Philadelphia has received multiple awards for being one of the most open and transparent city governments in the country, and this demonstrates our continued commitment to increasing citizen engagement.”

Source: PlanPhilly

Survey Seeks Input on Needs of LGBT Seniors.

The survey is being conducted by a coalition of organizations serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) seniors throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware Valley and was funded in part by a grant from the Department of Community and Economic Development of the State of Pennsylvania.

For more information, please contact the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund at 215-563-6417, extension 117.

Please support this effort — PHMC Household Health Survey

Below is a flyer about the 2010 PHMC Household Health Survey. The information collected in this survey is used for a wide variety of purposes including supporting many of the efforts made by the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) Planning, Communications, and Community Relations departments. Help us spread the work to help make people aware of the survey and encourage people to complete the survey if called would be very helpful.

Help Support Healthy Aging & Environmental Policy Change

Act for Environmental Change

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Healthy Aging Network (CDC-HAN) wants to promote environmental policy change to support healthy aging. You can help by participating in a short online survey about what you’d like to learn and accomplish. Take the survey.

Why do environments matter?

Physical activity, access to nutritious food, mobility and social engagement are all linked to environmental conditions.

For more information, visit CDC- Healthy Aging Research Network

Feedback Helps Us Move Forward

View the survey GenPhilly requested for attendees to complete after our February 18, 2010 event, Golden Years and Furry Ears, which focused on the need of a program in Philadelphia that discussed the physical and mental health benefits pet ownership has on older adults.

Allen Glicksman, Director of Research and Evaluation Research at Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA), has composed an Executive Summary of the survey responses, which point out the need to have a program to support pets and older Philadelphians.

For information about the past event, visit Golden Years and Furry Ears.

The executive summary is available for download and online viewing.

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