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Intergenerational recipes | Sharing tradition a meal at a time

Two blondes and a redhead are in the kitchen focused on a singular task – cooking a pot of tasty tomato basil soup.

The blondes are Mary Raab, 66, and her 9-year-old granddaughter, Sterling Stanchak. The redhead is Sterling’s aunt and Raab’s daughter, Meghan Rader, 39.

This trio enjoys cooking and relishes good food, often doing both together. Continue reading >>

Source: The Sun News

For elderly and disabled, food trumps repairs

A burned-out light bulb, a clogged drain, a closet door that won’t slide shut.

Sometimes it is the little things that count — vexatious little things that many of the low-income elderly or disabled just can’t fix themselves.

And there are the big things — a recession that won’t abate, and so many people seeking help that some existing services, such as on-call handymen formerly tapped by the Utah Food Bank, must be left behind…

But as of July 1, that service is all but unavailable, said Jim Pugh, chief executive officer at the Utah Food Bank. And, unfortunately, there are good reasons. continue reading>>

Source: Peg Mcentee (The Salt Lake Tribune)

More food aid for Pa. seniors, with a hitch

In some rare good news for the poor, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is more than doubling the emergency food supply specifically for impoverished senior citizens in the Philadelphia area. … Last year, Philabundance distributed 3,623 boxes to seniors every month. The USDA increase will boost the number to 8,800 a month, an additional 2.5 million pounds of food for the year, according to Philabundance.

To read the full article written by Alfred Lubrano (Philadelphia Inquirer), visit

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