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Getting Along with GenY: A Manual to Millennials

Times are changing, and the Canadian nonprofit sector is quickly becoming an intergenerational mix of professionals of varying levels of experience and education. With Canada’s bulge of baby boomers approaching retirement, these future vacancies — and the future of our nonprofit organizations — leave Generation X and Generation Y (aka “Millennials”) no choice but to collaborate to construct a new landscape for our nonprofit workforce.

This new reality requires an intergenerational understanding and a commitment to cooperate in order to fulfill the missions of our nonprofit organizations. In the spirit of mutual support, we Millennials offer the following thoughts as insights into our generation.

Top Ten Ways to Motivate Millennial continue reading>>

Source: Charity Village

X, Y, or Z: Does an Employee’s Generation Really Matter?

As with so many other aspects of an excellent work place, strong HR solutions – hiring, training and management practices – form the foundation.

Different generations working side by side have become commonplace in the modern working environment. While this is unquestionably a positive development, it begs an important question—is there really a generation gap in today’s workplace?

The simple answer is “not really.” The primary differences in generational interaction in the workplace revolve around a lack of communication and slight differences in expectations. Every generation relates to situations based on their own cultural experiences whether they are Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millenials (also known as Generation Y) or Generation Z. This can understandably cause friction if not properly addressed. continue reading>>


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