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Community Sites Needed to Conduct LGBT Older Adult Survey

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) older adults often experience unique barriers to community resources that make it more difficult for them to access health resources and to age in place. PHMC is conducting a survey to learn more about LGBT seniors, their health status, and access to services. The survey takes a broad view of health, including health behaviors, emotional health, and connections to other people. It also seeks to gain feedback from LGBT individuals who are thriving, and how success can inform “age-friendly” policy and practices that are also LGBT-friendly. This survey is self-administered and can be completed by mail or online. PHMC is also looking for locations where a facilitator can administer the survey onsite. Locations have been identified in Center City. Additional sites are needed, especially in Germantown, Southwest Philadelphia, and Northeast Philadelphia. Participants are asked to provide space for a few hours and to promote the survey in a newsletter announcement. To participate or for more information, contact Heather Batson at 267-985-6237 or by e-mail to

Source: PCA News Bulletin

iPad used to check mobility in seniors

Mobility is closely linked to overall health and quality of life, but healthcare professionals have not had an easy and effective way to assess it.

That’s why professors Tony Marsh and Jack Rejeski with the help of colleagues in the computer science department (Yue-Ling Wong) and Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center (Eddie Ip), developed the Mobility Assessment Tool (MAT).

MAT, which was created for the iPad and PC, assesses mobility in older adults using video animation rather than written questions. The whole process takes about four minutes to complete. The score provides information that helps older adults better understand their current mobility and can provide a yardstick to monitor changes in how well they get around.  continue reading >>

Source: HealthcareITNews

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: Pets lend a paw to enrich owners’ lives

Your best friend, biggest supporter and most attentive listener could be the one who also snuggles next to you during a nap, jumps up and down at the thought of an afternoon walk and offers a big sloppy kiss when you walk through the door at the end of a long day…

A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing proved that elderly pet owners are significantly healthier than their counterparts who did not own pets. This study is part of a growing body of evidence suggesting that, overall, pet owners over the age of 60 have lower blood pressure and stress levels, get more exercise and generally are healthier than older people without pets. continue reading>>

Source: Laurel Leader-Call

Wii bowling keeps seniors fit

Whoever assumes new video game technology is just for the youngest generations has never met the young-at-heart at the Kernodle Senior Center.

These seniors have no problems operating their Nintendo Wii remotes, navigating the buttons and arrows to switch the angles for their digital bowlers. On the first Thursday of every month, they come out to compete in friendly – but fierce – frames of Wii Bowling, sponsored by Home Loving Senior Care. continue reading>>


Census: Poverty Number May Be Millions Higher


One in Six Americans – Many of Them 65 and Older – Struggle in Poverty Due to Rising Medical Care and Other Costs

(AP) WASHINGTON – The number of poor people in the U.S. is millions higher than previously known, with 1 in 6 Americans – many of them 65 and older – struggling in poverty due to rising medical care and other costs, according to preliminary census figures released Wednesday.

At the same time, government aid programs such as tax credits and food stamps kept many people out of poverty, helping to ensure the poverty rate did not balloon even higher during the recession in 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office. continue reading>>

Source: CBS News

Allegheny Township hotline will check on well-being of elderly

C officials believe wishing senior citizens a good morning everyday could prevent them from having a bad, or even deadly, day.

Supervisors on Monday approved a new program called “Good Morning Allegheny Township” upon the suggestion of Emergency Management Coordinator Lee Schumaker.

Schumaker said volunteers will place a quick call to registered elderly residents every morning to check on their health and well-being. continue reading>>

Source: Liz Hayes (Valley News Dispatch, September 14, 2010)

The Health of Philadelphia Photo-Documentation Project

The Health of Philadelphia Photo-Documentation Project

Exhibit Opening & Discussion of

From Trauma to Triumph:
Images from the Health of Philadelphia Photo-Documentation Project

Thursday, July 15, 5:30pm

Lincoln Financial Mural Arts Center at the Thomas Eakins House
1727-1729 Mount Vernon St, Philadelphia, PA 19130

“We asked Philadelphians to show and tell how their neighborhoods shape health. In images and words, this exhibit examines the traumas and triumphs that are the fabric of life and health in this city. Documentary photographs are juxtaposed with profound citizen commentary on: the onslaught of trash in disadvantaged neighborhoods, the indignities of racism, and the violence and vigilance that pervade daily routines. This exhibit is a call to reclaim our communities, building a healthier Philadelphia for all.”  -The Health of Philadelphia Photo-Documentation Project

Exhibit open from 7/15/2010 to 8/20/2010

For more information visit:

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