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Queens Botantic Garden’s Intergenerational Garden

Queens Botantical GardenQBG’s Intergenerational Garden & Food Pantry Project brings gardeners of all ages and backgrounds together to grow their own vegetables, contribute to the community, and learn how to be good environmental stewards.

Spearheaded by dedicated volunteers, project members tend their own garden plots and share responsibilities of managing a large section dedicated to growing crops that are donated to local food pantries.

The Intergenerational Garden connects the communities of Queens to showcase our borough’s diversity, with gardeners planting vegetables important in their cultures.  Here you can find not only lettuce and carrots, but also bok choy, okra, and a vast variety of peppers!  And by creating urban gardeners both young and old, plus partnering with local middle and high schools, the Intergenerational Garden lives up to its name.

Interested in starting your own Community Garden? Check out GenPhilly’s Community Garden Tool Kit!

Source: Queens Botantical Garden

The Best Day of My Life (So Far) Needs Your Vote!

Vote for The Best Day of My Life (So Far) to win the People’s Choice Award. The storytelling and writing project, based at the Philadelphia Senior Center, is a national semi-finalist in the 2011 Beautiful Minds contest, presented by the National Center for Creative Aging & Martek Biosciences. read more>>

Getting Along with GenY: A Manual to Millennials

Times are changing, and the Canadian nonprofit sector is quickly becoming an intergenerational mix of professionals of varying levels of experience and education. With Canada’s bulge of baby boomers approaching retirement, these future vacancies — and the future of our nonprofit organizations — leave Generation X and Generation Y (aka “Millennials”) no choice but to collaborate to construct a new landscape for our nonprofit workforce.

This new reality requires an intergenerational understanding and a commitment to cooperate in order to fulfill the missions of our nonprofit organizations. In the spirit of mutual support, we Millennials offer the following thoughts as insights into our generation.

Top Ten Ways to Motivate Millennial continue reading>>

Source: Charity Village

Intergenerational Activities for the Elderly & Children

Children and the elderly have much to offer each other. The U.S. government reports that interaction with older adults improves a child’s communication skills, self-esteem and problem-solving abilities. For the elderly, interaction with children enhances socialization, increases emotional support and improves health. Continue reading for a list of activities>>

Source: Intergenerational Activities

Intergenerational recipes | Sharing tradition a meal at a time

Two blondes and a redhead are in the kitchen focused on a singular task – cooking a pot of tasty tomato basil soup.

The blondes are Mary Raab, 66, and her 9-year-old granddaughter, Sterling Stanchak. The redhead is Sterling’s aunt and Raab’s daughter, Meghan Rader, 39.

This trio enjoys cooking and relishes good food, often doing both together. Continue reading >>

Source: The Sun News

Playtime helps bind generations

A new study has confirmed an old adage: A family that plays together stays together. Researchers from Concordia University and Wilfrid Laurier University examined the ways grandparents can maintain close ties with their adult grandchildren. True to the old maxim, recreation emerged as the glue sealing intergenerational bonds. continue reading>>

Source: Science Blog

GlamourGals Raises Funds and Crosses Generations

CupcakeCan makeovers and cupcakes help bring generations together?

If it’s the Los Altos Chapter of GlamourGals, the answer is yes, with style.

The national nonprofit group’s mission is simple: To foster intergenerational relationships between teen girls and elderly women living in senior homes through complimentary monthly facials and makeovers. continue reading>>

Source: LosAltosPatch

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