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Meet Neighborhow. Brought to you by Code for America and the City of Philadelphia

Meet Neighborhow. Brought to you by Code for America and the City of Philadelphia, Neighborhow will crowd-source how-tos and best practices around specific neighborhood improvement projects. Anyone—residents, groups, even city government—will be able to copy, edit, and improve upon the content. Neighborhow will also connect to resources in city government and community organizations and to tools like Change by Us to help people complete their projects.

We’re piloting Neighborhow in Philadelphia where we’ll focus on three topics related to the city’s “Smarter, Safer, Greener/more sustainable” efforts—organizing a block cleanup, hosting a block party, and starting a neighborhood watch. Before we pilot the Neighborhow program itself, we want to learn if city residents want to participate in and contribute to this kind of learning ecosystem.

We’re asking people to sign up as Writers, Editors, and Doers as a way to assess their interest. Please help us out by sharing Neighborhow with your friends and family. We think it’s valuable to many cities and for many other topics. So get involved and help us build it!

Source:  Office of Mayor Michael A. Nutter

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