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Do you live near your parents?

Children of Aging Parents Are Often Nearby, Study Finds
Who moves?

For decades, demographers and gerontologists have investigated the senior migration. Researchers talked about “amenity moves” when healthy retirees head for places with gentler climates and lower costs of living, and “assistance moves” when those same people return, less healthy and more needy, to live near family. They published articles about the so-called J-shaped curve.

“It wasn’t until later that people began to ask, ‘What about the kids?’” said Michal Engelman, a University of Chicago gerontologist and an author of a new study that helps answer that question. “We had a hunch there was more to this story.”

Isn’t there always? Much of what we think we know about who lives where as people age — a key factor in this country, which plunks elder care responsibility so squarely on family shoulders — is simplistic or plain wrong. more>>

Source: Paula Span/The New Old Age

Traveling with elderly mom and dad can be a window to the past, present

Road trips with older parents can help adult children and sometimes their own kids learn about what shaped their folks, and themselves. Or just help catch up on the present day.

Illustration of Older Adults Packing a car for a family-trip

(Blair Thornley / For The Times)

For the last four summers, 85-year-old Patty Fleming has clambered into a silver Buick Regal with her three 50-something daughters and hit the interstate for a weeklong vacation.

“OK, girls,” she says when the chatter gets too frenetic, “I’m turning off my hearing aid. You can talk about me as much as you want.” Then she settles down with a book. After she rests a while, she announces, “Stop talking about me now,” and turns the hearing aid back on, says Pam Rimar, her youngest daughter.

“We have a great time. Husbands and kids stay home, we all catch up, and we have lots of one-on-one time with Mom,” says Rimar, an Irvine resident. “We have fun, and so does she.” continue reading>>

Source: Los Angeles Times
Image Credit:
(Blair Thornley / For The Times)

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