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Do you live near your parents?

Children of Aging Parents Are Often Nearby, Study Finds
Who moves?

For decades, demographers and gerontologists have investigated the senior migration. Researchers talked about “amenity moves” when healthy retirees head for places with gentler climates and lower costs of living, and “assistance moves” when those same people return, less healthy and more needy, to live near family. They published articles about the so-called J-shaped curve.

“It wasn’t until later that people began to ask, ‘What about the kids?’” said Michal Engelman, a University of Chicago gerontologist and an author of a new study that helps answer that question. “We had a hunch there was more to this story.”

Isn’t there always? Much of what we think we know about who lives where as people age — a key factor in this country, which plunks elder care responsibility so squarely on family shoulders — is simplistic or plain wrong. more>>

Source: Paula Span/The New Old Age

Is Mom or Dad getting too old to drive safely?

PERHAPS YOU AND your siblings have had the conversation: Is Mom or Dad getting too old to drive safely? What are we going to do when that day comes, especially if he or she isn’t willing to give up the keys?

Families across the country are facing this issue–more every year. The number of people 65 and older, reports the U.S. Census, is expected to double over the next 30 years. During that time, roads will become more crowded just as aging takes its toll on drivers’ skills and reflexes, and the danger to themselves and others increases. continue reading>>


Family-type homes an option for elderly

Angie Carson no longer could live on her own.

She wasn’t eating, and cleanliness was becoming an issue. She did not want to leave her home, yet daughter Regina Ashley didn’t think her mother was ready for a nursing home.

Carson, who has a level of dementia, needed more care than her daughter could give but less than a nursing home provides. Ashley heard about a family-type home for adults, a private home in which residents receive round-the-clock attention while staying engaged in family life.

Carson, 90, is one of four residents, and she folds laundry and helps set the table and do the dishes. “It gives them a purpose,” her daughter said. “I think there should be more. It’s a perfect place.” continue reading>>

Source: Patti Singer (Democrat and Chronicle, September 2010)

Keeping an eye on Mom and Dad


Elizabeth Roach uses a monitor that displays e-mail, photos, games and her blood pressure, in her home in Harrisonburg, Va.

It has been hard for the 81-year-old South Carolina great grandmother to get away with much the last two years, since her daughter started monitoring her every move, blood-pressure blip and weight fluctuation via computer from her home five kilometres away…

Howe has heart problems. She needs to take her medication and watch what she eats. When she doesn’t, her daughter Sandra Pierce knows almost immediately via email or phone alerts, thanks to the remote monitoring technology GrandCare Systems. continue reading>>

Source: Susan Pigg (, September 10, 2010)

4 tips for caring for mom and dad

Nearly half of caregivers recently surveyed reported increased financial worries. Here’s how they’ve had to sacrifice.

(MONEY Magazine) — Caring for an ailing or aging parent is never easy, but the challenges only multiply when Mom and Dad live far away.

Nearly 7 million Americans care for an elderly relative from a distance, reports the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC). If you’re among them, you know full well the guilt and anxiety of not being able to be there at a moment’s notice. continue reading>>

Source: MP Dunleavey (CNNMoney, September 2, 2010)

How to Talk to Your Parents About the Estate Tax

Estate Bringing up the estate tax with your aging parents can be as awkward as inquiring after their sex life—or worse, because it could imply that you are chiefly interested in your inheritance. But making sure that they understand the current complexities of the law will help their money end up where they want it.

Talking about estate taxes is especially important right now, since the federal estate tax doesn’t exist this year because of a legal quirk. Next year it’s back, with an exemption of only $1 million (down from $3.5 million in 2009), unless Congress acts. That means navigating the ebb and flow of tax rates will require some complex maneuvering. Lawyers warn that the wrong wording in a will could inadvertently leave a spouse no money or accidentally award everything to an ex-wife, for example. Ignoring the issue could also mean giving Uncle Sam a big chunk of one’s estate inadvertently. continue reading>>

Source: Kimberly Palmer (US News, August 3, 2010)

How To Handle Aging Parents’ Pets

Source: Michael Heissner/Getty Images

You can’t buy unconditional love at a pharmacy, so don’t expect Mom or Dad to give up Fifi or Fido.

One day he was jogging, and the next, my husband woke up with pneumonia. It was a scary six weeks of bed rest for him. My dog, Tigra, who had been coming to work with me for years, just looked at me the morning my husband got sick. She wouldn’t come with me. Instead, she stayed by his bedside night and day until he was better.

Dogs–how do they know these things?

When it comes to animals and our aging parents, we know the bond between animal and human that has probably existed from the beginning of humankind isn’t going away. Seniors depend on their pets for company and love in ways we may not always understand. continue reading>>

Source: Carolyn L. Rosenblatt,(Forbes, August 5, 2010)

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