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Census: Poverty Number May Be Millions Higher


One in Six Americans – Many of Them 65 and Older – Struggle in Poverty Due to Rising Medical Care and Other Costs

(AP) WASHINGTON – The number of poor people in the U.S. is millions higher than previously known, with 1 in 6 Americans – many of them 65 and older – struggling in poverty due to rising medical care and other costs, according to preliminary census figures released Wednesday.

At the same time, government aid programs such as tax credits and food stamps kept many people out of poverty, helping to ensure the poverty rate did not balloon even higher during the recession in 2009, President Barack Obama’s first year in office. continue reading>>

Source: CBS News

Poverty across generations

Across Europe, whole families – children, parents and grandparents – find it hard to escape poverty, as it seems it is passed on from one generation to another.

People born into poverty are more likely than others to be poor when they get older because their life chances were undermined at an early age. In turn, there is a strong chance that their children and grandchildren will also be poor. continue reading>>

Source: The Malta Independent

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