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OMG! My Grandparents R My BFF!

Young adults texting. Socializing on cellphones.Forget the Sunday night phone call. Grandparents and grandkids are connecting— and connected—as never before.

Certainly, it’s nothing new that kids are plugging in and staying connected. But what is new is that it may be a grandparent on the other end of that virtual tin can—and that technology is bridging the vast age and distance gap that has long divided the generations. “A group of us was having dinner, and one woman had to tell her husband to put his iPod Touch away. He was emailing his grandchildren,” says Mary Henderer, a Wilmington, Del., grandmother of four.

It’s a perfect storm of demographics and technology.

As a group, grandparents and grandchildren have plenty in common. They have free time, disposable income for gadgets and gizmos, and a keen interest in staying in touch with people. continue reading>>

Source: The Wall Street Therapy

Elders on Facebook, Twitter?

Facebook Login ScreenMany elder advocates approve of seniors “staying connected” via the Internet and cell phone. An information clearinghouse known as The Eldercare Locator has released a series of tips to help older people understand how to use these technologies. The Eldercare Locator’s guide “Staying Connected: Technology Options for Older Adults” teaches older adults how to use technology tools including texting, emailing and social networking websites (such as Facebook). The guide also explains YouTube, Twitter, Skype, Instant Messaging and blogging in addition to how to maintain safety and privacy. continue reading>>
Source: Tauton Daily Gazette
Image Source: Washington Examiner

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