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Getting Along with GenY: A Manual to Millennials

Times are changing, and the Canadian nonprofit sector is quickly becoming an intergenerational mix of professionals of varying levels of experience and education. With Canada’s bulge of baby boomers approaching retirement, these future vacancies — and the future of our nonprofit organizations — leave Generation X and Generation Y (aka “Millennials”) no choice but to collaborate to construct a new landscape for our nonprofit workforce.

This new reality requires an intergenerational understanding and a commitment to cooperate in order to fulfill the missions of our nonprofit organizations. In the spirit of mutual support, we Millennials offer the following thoughts as insights into our generation.

Top Ten Ways to Motivate Millennial continue reading>>

Source: Charity Village

The Aging Workforce

Hand on Computer MouseDespite the global recession, the implications of an increasingly geriatric, unhealthy workforce has major implications.

The prevailing wisdom in the ’shiny new thing’ obsessed tech world is that you ‘don’t want to mess with early adopters’ according to an Ad Age/Yahoo sponsored Laura Rich authored white paper from March of this year, (What Digital Adopters Want, How to Reach Them, and Why Every Marketer Should Pay Attention‘) which discusses the US geek market and breaks folks out into subsets in time honored analyst style.  continue reading>>

Source: Oliver Marks (ZDNet)

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