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PhillyDeals: Penn dropouts raise a million to launch their college-software firm

Three University of Pennsylvania students have walked away from their Wharton and Engineering studies to launch a new college-software firm, Coursekit, based on a service they rolled out at Penn this year.

“The time is right,” … “I go to a good school. But I’m not really an academic type. I was half doing school and half doing the company.”

So he and his pals turned pro. continue reading>>

How to Avoid Intergenerational War in the Workforce

Managing the four (some say five or six) generations in the workforce is difficult enough in good times. Daunting in bad times. In fact, based on the work I’m doing to help companies manage the intergenerational workforce, I believe the table is set for seriously disruptive conflict among disparate generations over compensation, benefits, work rules, training opportunities and advancement. This isn’t just theory.

Feedback I receive from my undergraduate students at Villanova University show that relationships between and among younger and older workers are showing signs of stress and acrimony. The issues? continue reading>>

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